Help From Above

Jack was not the brightest guy, but he thought he had the brains for business. In no time at all, Jack was down on his luck and heavily in debt. He decided to pray to God for help and got down on his knees. He whispered, "God, you know I have been a faithful servant and good person all these years, and now I need your help. Please let me win this week's lottery."

Later that week, when nothing happened, Jack got down on his knees again and asked, "Well, I guess I didn't give you enough advance notice last time, but you know I deserve some good fortune right about now, so please let me win the next lottery."

The following week passed, and again nothing happened. This time Jack was a little sterner in his prayers and stated, "Okay, maybe this is a test and all that, but I am getting into real problems with money here and I desperately need that cash, so PLEASE make it so that I win the lottery this week!"

When the week passed again with nothing happening, Jack became extremely angry and started to yell at God, "Really? Are you so spiteful of me for some reason that you can't help me out at all with a measly lottery jackpot after all these years? What have I done to tick you off so much??!!"

Suddenly, God's voice came booming out of the heavens and said, "Jack, I'm trying to help you, but you need to buy the dang lottery ticket!"

Moral of the Story: Even if you are hoping for a lucky miracle, do your best to create the circumstances that will be most conducive to it.

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