The Lion's Den

In the coliseum in ancient Rome, a slave was thrown into the pit against a lion in a fight to the death. If the slave survived, he would be granted freedom and fame. Otherwise he would obviously die. Having no weapons, the slave didn't know how he would survive such an ordeal. Suddenly the time came, the gate was lifted, and in walked the biggest lion the slave had ever seen. The slave prepared to start running away while sadly aware that he probably couldn't outrun a lion. Suddenly, he had an idea. In a sudden manoeuvre, the slave jumped on the lion's back and whispered into his ear. The lion froze, The slave jumped off, and the lion ran back out the gate from which he had entered without looking back. The crowd erupted in applause. The slave was victorious.

The emperor stood up and beckoned the slave over. He said: "Slave, in all my years I have never seen such a victory. Before I grant you the freedom and riches that are your due, tell me - what did you whisper to the lion?"

The slave said, "Your majesty, I simply told him that after dinner, he would be asked to say a few words."

Moral of the Fable: Individuals will endure or do anything to not have to speak publicly.

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