Spaceman Woes

Once upon a time NASA decided to send three astronauts to space for two years. They were allowed to take up to 200 pounds of baggage each but not given any limitations on the type of baggage. So the astronauts got creative.

The first astronaut decided to take along his wife. They wanted to try and conceive a child in outer space.

The second astronaut decided to take several books, DVDs, and tapes to help him learn Spanish, German, Italian, and French fluently by the time he returned.

The third astronaut – a heavy smoker – decided to take up a hundred cartons of cigarettes. He was going to take nicotine patches but now he could enjoy his vice with no worries!

Two years later, when the space shuttle landed, there was a big crowd waiting to welcome them home along with a huge press conference and clamoring journalists from every corner of the world. The first astronaut came to the podium with his wife and announced that they were now pregnant and had the honor of having the first baby created in space. Much applause erupted. The second astronaut came up to the podium and greeted the crowd in all four of the new languages he now could speak fluently. Even more applause followed.

Then came the third astronaut came to the podium looking visibly distressed, with a cigarette in his hand, and said, “Does anyone here have a %$#@! light?”  

Moral of the Story: The smallest of details can undo the most ambitious of plans.

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