Steak in the Window

A man told a group of his friends about the fantastically huge steak he had eaten in a downtown restaurant the day before. They all decided to head down to the restaurant to see if it was really as great as he was making it out to be.

The group entered the restaurant and were seated at a table in the back section. After looking over the menu, they ordered and anxiously awaited their delicious, gigantic steaks.

To their collective disappointment, the waiter brought them the smallest steaks they had ever seen.

Embarrassed, the man called the waiter over and said, "Yesterday I came in here and you brought me the biggest, juiciest, most delicious steak I have ever had. Today, when I have all my friends here, you serve us these miniature steaks. What is the meaning of this?"

"Yesterday, sir, you were sitting by the window," replied the waiter.

Moral of the story: Nothing is ever "as advertised."

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