Running Challenge

A gas company training supervisor and his young trainee had parked their truck at the end of the street while they proceeded to check the meters at each house. When they reached the last house, they noticed a woman watching them from her window as they checked her gas meter. Figuring she was just curious, they ignored her.

The supervisor was quite proud of the fact that he was in good shape and eager to show the trainee just how fit he was, so when they had finished the meter check, the supervisor challenged his trainee to a race back to the truck. The trainee agreed and they were off.

As they were running up to the truck they noticed the woman from the window was running right behind them, huffing and puffing. They stopped and asked her what was wrong.
As she gasped for breath, she replied, "When I saw two gas men running as hard as you two were, I thought I'd better run too."

Moral of the Story: When people think you have authority, they follow your lead to a fault.

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